Our journey to England

1Monday, 5th February, 2018

The day we had all been waiting for had finally come. Even though it was very early in the morning, everyone was extremely excited and happy to go to Hastings.
On the way to Calais we stopped twice. When we arrived in Calais, we had to go through the passport control. We went on board of the ferry and tried to let the time pass by really quickly. When we arrived at the harbour of Dover, we had to go a little by coach to reach Hastings. Some of us had a lot of fun and played games while some people slept for ten whole hours. When we finally arrived, we were glad that we were picked up by the host families in Hastings. The majority of families welcomed us very nicely and as soon as we got to our host families, we fell asleep.

2Tuesday, 6th February,2018

On Tuesday we spent the whole day in Hastings. After we had breakfast with our host families, we went to the meeting point. At Hastings Pier we had an appointment with three city guides. We did a city tour through Hastings and learned a lot of interesting things. Afterwards we had some free time to explore the city, to go shopping or to do something else.

4Later we took part in an English tea ceremony. We learned how to make tea and scones traditionally. Scones are yeast pastries that are eaten with jam and cream cheese. It was very delicious! After the tea ceremony we had some free time again before we went back to our host families for dinner.

Wednesday, 7th February, 2018

On Wednesday we all had to wake up early because our coach to London left at 7.30am. It took us two hours to get there so it wasn’t as exhausting as the journey to Hastings. When we arrived there, some of us went to the Science Museum and the other ones went to the Natural History Museum.

12Then we began to go sightseeing at 1pm. In smaller groups we visited at least five sights within four hours. A lot of people went to Buckingham Palace and to Oxford Street. There were a lot of great places like St. Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge and many other sights.

But we didn’t just appreciate the big things but also the small things like the famous telephone boxes in London or the red double-decker buses. At 5pm all of us had to be at our meeting point: the London Eye. First we watched a 4D film about London and then we went on the London Eye. The view of the skyline of London from 135 meters  above the ground was amazing. After that we went back to Hastings.

By the end of the day we were very tired but happy that we could experience such a beautiful day. It was definitely worth it!

Thursday, 8th February, 2018

8On Thursday we went to Canterbury. We met at around 7.30am and then we all went by coach to Canterbury. It didn’t take too long.

So first we visited the Canterbury Cathedral. With its beautiful looks it invited us to look inside. Every group had its own guide who led us around the whole cathedral. That’s how we le9arned ineresting facts about its history like the death of Thomas Becket.

After the tour we had some free time but we still had a quiz to do. That means that we got a few questions which had us to go around the streets to find the answers. Sometimes we had some troubles but some people from Canterbury were really nice and also helped us when we asked them.

11The meeting point after our free time were The Canterbury Tales. Actually The Canterbury Tales are stories written by Geoffrey Chaucer but in Canterbury it is a museum where the stories are told lively with the help of an audio tour. Although the tour took like one hour it was worth a visit.

Afterwards it was time to leave Canterbury. Everybody was tired and sad because it was the last day. In addition to this the sun was shining the whole day so it wasn’t that cold. Back at home we had to pack our things up and get ready for the next day because we had to go back to Germany.

Friday, 9th February, 2018

In the morning we did the last things we had to do, ate breakfast and said goodbye to our host families. Nevertheless we were happy to see our real families again but until then we had a few hours.

16We took the coach back to Germany. At the harbour in Dover there was a stricter control for drugs than on our journey there. This time the ferry was swinging heavily so a lot of people got sick. It was a very long and exhausting trip. At the end of the day everbody just wanted to get home and sleep in their beds.

All in all this experience was one of the best in our lives. All the three cities and the weather were incredibly nice and we would always do it again. If you ever have the chance to be a part of such a journey, then do it. You will not regret it.

Text written by:
Monday: Ava Mohammad 8d & Thekla Voerste 8b
Tuesday: Thekla
Wednesday: Ava
Thursday: Alena Begic 8b
Friday: Alena (Ava, Thekla)

Photos taken by:
Ava Mohammad 8d und Van Minh Nguyen 8d

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