Season‘s Greetings!

Have you ever wondered how other countries celebrate Christmas time? Let us have a look at our English-speaking friends, the USA!

Their Christmas celebration does not differ much from our Christmas traditions. You have surely seen many movies like Home Alone (in German it’s called Kevin – Allein zu Haus) or Santa Clause. Maybe you have noticed some socks hanging from the chimney. They are called stockings and Santa Clause leaves his presents there (or under the Christmas tree) on Christmas Day which is on December 25th.

Americans have Christmas Eve (Heiligabend) as well, but they do not have a second Christmas Day like in Germany. So how do Americans celebrate their Christmas Day? Like here, they unwrap their presents on that day, spend time with their family and friends and have a huge meal!

They also sing or listen to Christmas carols. Who does not know “Last Christmas” or “All I Want For Christmas Is You” which are known around the world? Some Americans go over the top though and decorate their houses with many lights. Some even have lights which are in sync with a radio station, for example this house:

Nonetheless, Christmas is an important holiday in the US as it is here. So, if you want to wish someone Frohe Weihnachten, just say Merry Christmas and happy holidays!